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FIORE Artisan Olive Oils & Vinegars’ (FIORE) roots are firmly planted in tradition while forging a new image of the modern artisan, in a loving relationship with extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar. The juxtaposition of tradition and modern approach is not lost on FIORE, nor our team. 

For more than a decade, FIORE has been forging ahead at rapid speed all over Maine, through traditional means – relationship building with customers and community partners. Starting with one stand-alone location in Bar Harbor in 2009 - FIORE now has 5 independent locations, three tasting bars, 31 authorized resellers, and 38 restaurant partners. To say it’s been a whirlwind decade is an understatement. 

All the while, an avant-garde approach to communication and outreach has succeeded in introducing FIORE to many new supporters, increasing their clientele on social media platforms, and breaking geographic boundaries to a national audience. 

Creating FIORE’s online branding in an informational manner rather than a sales solicitation platform, the newsletter audience has grown to nearly 40,000. FIORE’s online purchases have come to comprise 15 percent of overall retail sales, on average.

But 2020 has been anything but “average.” 

Taking strategic steps during a pandemic to dominate a virtual presence was essential. During quarantine through soft-reopening stages, this was accomplished through methodical outreach of recipes, video demonstrations, contests, and collaborations. The FIORE brand was connected to their online following through expanding targets, defining key initiatives to spread awareness to their brand, and subsequently increase sales – on a national basis. 

Since the quarantine started in March 2020, online purchases have grown to 85 percent of FIORE’s overall retail sales, a gain of 70 percent above their “average.”

Though the ups and downs of the pandemic continued through the summer – ongoing curbside pick-up and augmenting walk-in local and visitor business – the solid social media work has continued for FIORE, thus balancing the online purchases with the in-store sales to more than keeping this business afloat during this unprecedented time. 


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