The PR Company is redefining PR from

"public relations" to PROLIFIC RECOGNITION.


The value we create is in defining your brand,

then securing awareness / visibility,

and then influencing your audience to take action.


Many business owners approach PR as a far-off strategy to put in place after their brand is launched and established. But at The PR Company, we work with businesses of all sizes to focus on a forward-facing strategy that builds awareness with the media, stakeholders and customers from the very beginning.

Public relations builds brand credibility through storytelling mediums and press opportunities that can include:

  • Building relationships and pitching relevant and timely topics to newspapers, blogs, podcasts, television and radio.

  • Research and development of press-generating opportunities and key media stakeholders.

  • Communication and brand awareness strategy.

At The PR Company we take pride in being different. We believe that an effective PR Strategy starts with creating a brand that cuts through the noise and tells a story.


In addition to traditional public relations strategies, we also offer a full range of agency services with boutique personalization. We offer a customized approach that includes public relations, digital marketing and branding/design services.

Public Relations

  • Pitching to newspapers, blogs, podcasts, radio and television.

  • Creating a strategy for communication and brand awareness.

  • Creation pitch decks, promotional materials and collateral for outreach.

  • Relationship building + identifying press-generating opportunities.


  • Brand Strategy + Consulting

  • Logo + Web design

  • Promotional materials

Digital Marketing

  • SEO

  • E-mail marketing

  • Social Media

  • Content Creation

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